The Author of This Blog Loves America

I learned something about myself over the last few weeks: I love America.  I love being American, I love American flags, I love country music, and I love America.  This is a great country.  Why didn’t I ever realize it before?  It was probably all that Marxist rhetoric I was fed during undergrad–all that multicultural diversity crap those commie pinkos shovel down their students’ throats in order to get them to vote Democrat.  That’s almost certainly what it is.

A short while ago, my friend H and I jumped into a big yellow truck and started driving across the country.  Actually, to be exact, H was doing all the driving, as I hate it and she’s a control freak.  Anyway.  We went through Wyoming, dipped up into Montana, then sloped down into South Dakota, across Minnesota, on through Wisconsin and finally into Chicago.  We packed lots of audio books as I was fully convinced that we would be staring at cows and cornfields the entire trip.  This wasn’t exactly the case.  Though Tarzan of the Apes read by an American woman bumbling through an English drawl was highly entertaining, I found stuff like this to be more so:

Now I don’t want to turn this into a photography blog, as I have a rather crappy camera, a small amount of patience, and no skills, but there are just some things that cannot be expressed in words.

I know it might shock many of you out there in WordPress land, but South Dakota is awesome.

And, another shocker, so is Wisconsin.  I mean, aside from the fact that my body is sometimes violently opposed to lactose, I am a big fan of this state.

Not me.

Plus, I saw Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens there.  I will forever associate Wisconsin with mildly entertaining summer blockbusters.  Perhaps it was already associated with that in your minds, but it’s new to this bagel.

I have traveled a lot.  I speak a handful of languages (poorly).  I enjoy weird ethnic food and put Sri Racha hot sauce on almost everything I eat (Oreos–try it!).  I’ve even lived abroad.  Therefore, as an informed woman of the world, I can say with impunity that America is the most amazing place on Earth.  And if you don’t like it, son, then me and my ten gauge suggest you move to Canada with the rest of the hippies.

Suck it, non-America



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3 responses to “The Author of This Blog Loves America

  1. I love it! So glad you enjoys your travel through these states. Your photos are great, too.

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