He Said, She Said

This bagel’s dad visited this weekend.  It was great.  The best part of his visit was the following:

Him (9:30pm, day before departure): Shouldn’t you call the taxi cab and make an appointment?

Me: It doesn’t really work that way.  You call, they come.  Pretty straight forward.

Him: Well, in Small Town, you need to make an appointment.

Me: That’s because Small Town has a grand total of four cabs.  Don’t worry, I’ll call in the morning.

Him (1:30am, a few hours before departure, wakes me from a deep sleep by poking me and shouting): I think you should call the taxi cab company and make an appointment.

Me: Mdnjfhjkn….

Him: You should, because maybe there won’t be any cabs at that hour.

Me: (Snoring).

Him (3:30am, half an hour before departure): Are you going to call and make an appointment with the taxi cab people?

Me: Maybe in fifteen minutes.

Him (3:33am, shouted through the door of the bathroom): I think you should call to make an appointment with the taxi cab.

Me: OK.

Him (3:35am): Did you do it?

Me: ….


Me: I will, right now.  OK, I just texted them.

Him: Are they coming?

Me (after receiving text):  Here we go….What?! Oh, no.

Him: What?  What’s wrong?

Me: They say they’re all booked up!  Dammit, we should have made an appointment!

Him: Really?!

Me: No.  They’ll be here in five minutes.



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7 responses to “He Said, She Said

  1. Ah, there is nothing more refreshing than a visit from the parents.

  2. Friendly neighborhood stalker, checking in. (Despite the new name, please tell me you know who this is…)

    • i tried to identify you via the arms in the pictures on your most recent blog post to no avail. do i get a hint?

      • Well, that is surprising, as my arm, I feel, is quite identifiable which is why I only put it in there once. However, since you didn’t guess me (and I’m trying to remain anonymous on the spork blog) you’ll either have to remain in suspense or you’ll just have to “get used to disappointment” as the Man in Black says. (that was another hint.)

    • CURSES. quoting “princess bride” doesn’t narrow it down AT ALL. ::sigh:: OK. i’ll figure it out eventually, perhaps, maybe. till then, see you around the ole blogosphere.

      • Hm. Here I thought I was being at least slightly brilliant. Obviously I’ve overestimated my ability to be utterly social and yet completely anonymous. A feat I feel I should now celebrate in some way.

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