Le Weekend

You may have heard that the NATO conference is in Chi-Town this weekend.

People haven’t exactly been taking it well.

This sort of thing is something university folks drool over.  My teacher actually came to class yesterday and proceeded to teach us how to say, “Down with the NATO Pact” in Arabic.  Bless him, he’s old and he has tenure.  He’s basically at the point in his life where he can do whatever he wants.  Honestly, I don’t much understand the politics surrounding NATO, because I don’t really care about anyone but myself.  But people here are taking it pretty seriously.  And the police have responded in force.  Apparently, I’m not allowed to ride the Metra with anything other than a small purse.  Also, large portions of Lake Shore Drive and the I-55 are shut down, making getting downtown quite difficult.

So, it turns out I’ll be stuck in the ‘hood most of this weekend.  Being a homebody, this isn’t too big of a thing, really, but I do need to get downtown soon to do some shopping.  I need a giant suitcase because

…apparently I’ll be living in Istanbul for the summer?  I know, it’s random.  I might have to change the name of this blog to, “When Can I Start Calling It Constantinople?”  I’m going to be learning Turkish at a university over there.  Might grow a moustache.  Might marry a Turk.  Might get kidnapped.  Promises to be an interesting summer.

Anyway, I need to get downtown, but this does not seem like it’s going to happen this weekend.  Therefore, I’ll just hole up in the air-conditioned library, have some Five Guys, and catch up on some reading.

Oh, good. Something different.



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