When Can I Start Calling It “Constantinople”?

So here I am in the glorious Orient, and I must say, I think I can finally understand Turkophiles, because

Dear God…

Each one seems to be better looking than the last.


There are thousands of gorgeous, olive-skinned, barrel-chested, bearded/mustachioed men everywhere here.  It’s like I stepped into a dream…the most beautiful dream I’ve ever had.  It’s often hard not to stop and stare at all the beautiful men I walk by on a daily basis.  I’m pretty sure staring is rude in this culture also.  Good grief.  Good.  Grief.  I need to invest in some darker sunglasses, or else I could really find myself in an embarrassing situation.  Good looks aside, I can never look at a Turkish man here without trying to imagine him like this:

Anyway, I’ll post stories and pictures eventually, but right now, I’m going to a kahvehane where I will sit at a table on the sidewalk and bask in the glow of the impossible beauty of the passersby.





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