The Land of Multiple Necessary Showers

Istanbul is a beautiful city with a long and fascinating history.  Straddling the fabled Bosphorus, Istanbul sits on both the continent of Asia and Europe, making it a truly international city.  Its beauty, wealth, and history easily capture the imagination, and the humble hospitality of the Turkish people makes all travelers feel at home.

Something the guidebooks won’t tell you, however, is that there are an alarming number of hills in this city.

In an attempt to make us kids see how good we had it, my dad used to tell us that as a child, he had to walk to school uphill both ways, hip-deep in snow, fighting off wolves with a rusty nail embedded in a two-by-four.

Upon further reflection, I realize the uphill both ways thing isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility.

A couple of friends and I decided to head down to the waterfront for lunch one day.

Little did we realize the huge mistake we were making.

Interestingly, we met no one else on the walk back up.  Either the people who live around here had already beat us to the top, or there was some shuttle that we didn’t know about.  Silly tourists.

All I know is that when I get back, I’m going to have the largest calves in the history of calf-having.  I will also be the cleanest, because the combination of the constant humidity, killer heat, and general lack of AC has me showering twice a day.

Thanks, Ataturk.

I am missing Chi-Town tons at the moment.  At least there I have a fan and an air-conditioned school I can hide in; and I do not have a neighbor that plays the guitar at 4 in the morning and a troop of yowling stray cats that parades through the neighborhood every evening.  I can’t really tell which is worse.  Ah, Turkey.  You are so full of adventure.


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